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Campus Diaries Series Cast

Campus Diaries is featured by Harsh Beniwal, Saloni Gaur, Salonie Patel, Ritvik Sahore, Abhinav Sharma, and Srishti Ganguli Rindani. This Indian web series is created by Abhishek Yadav and Prem Mistry. Campus Diaries is produced by Yellow Montage and Streamline Production. This is an exclusive story of six students who have to face ragging, and discrimination on the basis of societal stigmas at Excel University.

Series Title:Campus Diaries
Main Cast:Harsh Beniwal
Ritvik Sahore
Saloni Gaur
Salonie Patel
Abhinav Sharma
Srishti Ganguli Rindani
Genre Teenage                                Drama + Comedy
Created ByPrem Mistry & Abhishek Yadav
Direction ofPrem Mistry
ProducersPrem Mistry
Satish Rajan
Abhishek Yadav
Released Date:07th Jan, 2021
No. of Episodes:12
Episode Duration:30-45 Minutes
Subtitles:Hindi + English
Story By          Abhishek Yadav
Devanshi Shah
Gaganjeet Singh
Talah Siddiqui
Editor Akash Bundhoo
DoP   Jerin Paul
Music Directors       Yash Tiwari
Simran Hora
Costume Director    Nikita Wanvari
Creative Producer   Anand Jain
Production Designer          Preetesh Kushwaha
Production Houses  Yellow Montage Streamline Production

It is a beautiful mixture of one-sided love stories, drugs rampant and toxic relationships among young students of Excel University. Campus Diaries series is a coming-of-age drama series of six university students. With flashbacks of college life, Campus Diaries is full of friendships, relationships, and campus life. All these genres make it worthy watching and enjoying the series by leaving behind real-life problems. Audiences really get so much involved in the drama series because of its high production, quality direction and incredible acting of the characters. 

Campus Dairies is a narration of six students at Excel University, Chandigarh, and Punjab who have experienced too much as many other college students did. They start their new turn of life in university along with full hope of life, friendships, campus life charm, budding romance, relationships, one-sided love, bunks, canteen wars and independent lifestyle.

All six students start their university life with the same zeal but have to suffer a lot because of various dark aspects of campus life like ragging, drug abuse, discrimination and many more. Campus Diaries has been featured into one season because of high popularity among youngsters of all ages. This web series is basically for adults of age 16+, because of smoking, drinking and sexual talks. Campus Diaries first series was of 12 episodes, which makes the audience go back into their crucial events of college life.

Campus Diaries Series Cast

Harsh Beniwal, Ritvik Sahore, Saloni Gaur, Salonie Patel, Abhinav Sharma and Srishti Ganguli Rindani are the stat characters of Campus Diaries Series cast. All these are six main characters playing a leading role throughout the series.

 Actors NamePlaying Role As
1.Harsh BeniwalSudheer Kumar
2.Ritvik SahoreAbhilash
3.Saloni GaurPriyanka
4.Salonie PatelSushmita
5.Abhinav SharmaRaghav
6.Srishti Ganguli RindaniSanya

Campus Diaries Series Secondary Cast

  • Rajesh Yadav as Sandy
  • Pradeep Soni as Prof 1
  • Gulshan Nain as Goldie
  • Shubham Tiwari as Rahil
  • Himanshu Khanna as Student
  • Sahil Kumar as Sudhanshu Goon
  • Lovekush as Canteen Guy
  • Ranjan Raj as Inquillab
  • Ramandeep Yadav as Prithviraj
  • Piyush Katal as Tomar
  • Gaurav as Nerd Freshie
  • Sayyad Alam as Leader Freshie
  • Durga Kamboj as Girl Freshie
  • Rohit as Bihari Freshie
  • Chetan Raghav as Ronnie
  • Rajni Bajaj as Mrs. Gupta
  • Raaviya as Model Girl
  • Manoj Joshi as Dean
  • Ishroop Kaur as Vibha
  • Sanjeev Goswami as Sports Professor
  • Aryaman Gunjha as Pinki
  • Ravi Mohan as Prof. Khosla
  • Sanjeev Goswami as Sports Professor
  • Manoj Saha as Prof. Vishnu
  • Kanika Wadhwa Tyagi as Vaishali
  • Sameer Siddiqui as Prof. Bhargav
  • Rishab Joshi as Jammie
  • Ajay Madhok as Prof. Mukhopadhyay
  • Lovekush as Canteen Guy
  • Dheeraj Sharma as Anuj
  • Akansha as Topper
  • Pooja Pathak as Shruti
  • Sameer Rehman as Akshay Yash

Campus Diaries Season 2

Because of high popularity and strong story plot, there is huge demand for Campus Diaries Season 2. Likely, Campus Diaries season 1 was of just 12 episodes that didn’t complete the story. Hence, creators are in a continuous struggle to release season 2. It is expected to release soon in 2023 under the same creation of Abhishek Yadav and Prem Mistry. 2023 is the Campus Diaries Season 2 release date.

Campus Diaries season 2 cast would be the same as seasons 1. Harsh Beniwal, Ritvik Sahore Abhinav Sharma, Salonie Patel will be the main characters of season 2, but with the most exclusive turns and story plots. 

Campus Diaries Download

Campus Diaries MX Player is one of the most trusted and reliable web sources to get the most recent episodes and all updates about this web series.

Download all the episodes of Campus Diaries web series in high quality resolution with availability of English/Hindi subtitles.


  • Can we watch Campus Diaries with family?

Campus Diaries is all about young age group people who have recently started their university life. They all are fully attracted to this charming life and Campus Diaries comprises smoking, drinking and talks about sex. Accordingly, we don’t recommend the audience to watch this web series with family. 

  • When was Campus Diaries released?

Campus Diaries was released on 07th Jan, 2021. By using this platform, you can enjoy this cool series free of cost.

  • In which place Campus Diaries is shot?

It is shot in Excel University of Chandigarh, Punjab India.

Campus Diaries Series Reviews

Campus Diaries web series is one of the most popular seasons in India. People are really liking its story, characters’ chemistry, sudden traumas and emotional attachment with the relevant turns of the story.

Main of its reason to be famous is Harsh Beniwal. He is a super talented young man, who started his career via YouTube and now has produced his own place in acting. Harsh has played a very strong and leading role here. Apparently, he looks like a foolish and immature student who is not serious about life. But later on, we realize he is a strong emotional personality wrapped into a fancy packing.

Genuine acting and fully getting involved into the characters by all the actors have nailed it to be ranked.  Comedy, dramas, student life enjoyment, real life challenges, society biasness and incredible friendship among all six students are key specs to make it one of most popular web series in India.